Variety article mentions project Becoming an Action Hero

“Austin will unveil three first feature pitch projects from Mexico, a sign of the strength of its building genre scene and Mexican movie production at large: U.S.-Mexico co-pro, “Becoming An Action Hero,” from Maru Buendia-Senties, about how an aging Hollywood B-lister a Mexican producer create Mexico’s first action hero; “Blood Tissue,” from Fabian Archondo Arce, which has a cowardly candy salesman facing off with a Mexican vampire cartel assassin for he love of his wife; and “The Dump,” about a garbage dump demotic being which a psychotic old man confronts via human sacrifice. It is produced by Ezban (“The Incident,” “The Similars”), Miriam Mercado (“The Incident,” “The Similars”) and Amapola Rosillo. Newbies Fernando Montes de Oca and Xavier Sanchez Mercado direct.”


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13-pitch project lineup highlights new wave of Latino genre talent

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