bienvenido  ( welcome) 3min


Satire that portrays the perception, struggle, and achievement of the Mexican migrant to overcome its stereotype over the years.

BIENVENIDO was developed for the BREAKING BORDERS worldwide contest of shorts. Upon which, the short should have as its central thematic the story of an immigrant; creatively reflecting its work, craft, profession, or day to day reality. The way it contributes to the development of its adopted and/or origin societies, or the projects and achievements it develops in matter of art, culture, science, technology, and sports.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Foreign Institute of Mexicans develops different programs and projects that support Mexicans that live beyond the borders. In the matter of culture and art, it’s focused in promoting programs for Mexican communities outside of Mexico, using these as key elements to reevaluate and strengthen their sense of identity to their country, as well as their pride for their roots and cultural heritage.


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