the light bulb (ee.uu. 2006 / fiction. 16mm, color. 10:30min)

on his last day at home, a man finds the opportunity to prove something important to himself and his granddaughter, before leaving his memories behind.

cinematography: maru buendia-senties

sound: nazanin shirazi

production design: javier bonafont

music: kiko sanchez-monzon

written, produced and directed: marianela vega oroza



conversations II (peru -ee.uu. 2007 / documental. mini dv, super 8mm. 16min)

offers an intimate look at the female universe, a journey in time through evocative images and the testimonies of women from the same family. The personal search of a daughter in the life of her mother and grandmother, contrasting the dreams, ideas and experiences of three generations.

directed and produced: marianela vega oroza

animation and post production: maru buendia-senties, glenn eanes, gustavo saavedra

sound design and original score: martin choy


  •  The Cockroach Project by Ruth Fertig ©2005 
  •  Iranoplasty by Nazanin Shirazi ©2005  
  •  After the Storm – New Orleans Culture in Exile by Amy Bench and A. Leonard ©2005  
  • 10 Seconds by A. Leonard ©2005  

                   Collaborated as Second Camera, Sound and/or  Boom Operator.

  • Feliz Navidad by Nazanin Shirazi ©2006

                    Collaborated as Camera Assistant.

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