• LatinX Voices on Screen – NALIP

    NALIP is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a roundtable series featuring filmmakers that have worked to elevate the voices of Latinxs in media. In our final installment of the “NALIP Roundtable Series: Storytellers” we have Maru Buendia-Senties as one of our featured speakers! While working at Troublemaker Studios in the Visual FX Department, Maru developed her own projects that showcase her personal experiences on the screen. Check out this clip to hear more about her hopes for the future of #Latinx voices on screen. Stay tuned for #NALIP‘s latest roundtable with our featured speakers to hear more from their discussion as we celebrate 20 years of NALIP and Latinx talent!  #WeAreInclusion

    “I want to tell stories that make other people feel what I’m feeling right now.” Maru Buendia-Senties