Borderzine writes article about Entre Líneas screening

Film Depicts College Life on the Border

By Daisy Canales on November 22, 2009

EL PASO — Having to wake up every morning to get ready for school and get to class is something most American college students do not think twice about. But for Mexican students who live across the U.S./Mexico border, [...]

Entre Líneas @ 6th International Women’s Showcase in Film and Television

6th International Women’s Showcase in Film and Television.

“October 2nd to 11th in Morelia, Mexico and from December 2nd to 5th in the Cinetaca Nacional in Mexico City”

This showcase has the objective of collecting and screening the best work of women, Mexican and foreign that reside in Mexico City, in the area of [...]

Entre Líneas @ Latina Independent Film Extravaganza


Celebrating Latina Voices and Cinematic Visions

BHLIFE is a festival that features the creative work of Latina film directors from all across the country. An event dediated to the ongoing effort to present the complexities of our community and the women withn it, and break away from the historically negative and stereotypical images in [...]

Entre Líneas screened at The Border Philanthropy Conference

The Border Philanthropy Conference was a project of several non-profit organizations and funders . The Border Philantrophy deals with issues along both sides the U.S. / Mexico border. The Conference was held Oct. 20 and 21 in El Paso. Entre Líneas and another film, Red Mesa, were screened for about 120 people in the Plaza [...]