Mention of Entre Líneas @ M.A.L.I Film Festival in the Austin Chronicle


The Medium Mash

MALI Women’s Film & Performance Arts Festival

by Cindy Widner

 (Abstract from Article)

The year’s theme is sustainability; like most everyone, artists are trying to see their way through hard times, and POW hopes to suss out “how we can sustain ourselves as creative-industry people.” Another theme of the times – war – seems to have emerged in this year’s work as well, something that makes sense to POW. “[Women] are the aftermath of war,” she explains, “be it domestic war or a physical war or a war we don’t know we’re in.”

The most literal example of that theme is probably “Armed Defense,” Irina Patkanian’s short about a man who barricades himself against a nonexistent enemy, playing out the idea that constant vigilance, contrary to popular belief, can make us only “more and more afraid,” says the director. War takes many forms, of course, and can mean anything from the war on women’s bodies – see “Fry Bread Babes,” which director Steffany Suttle says is the first film about body image issues and Native American women – to the war on the “other,” explored in Maru Buendia Senties’ “Entre Líneas,” about friends on opposite sides of the Mexican-American border.

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